Moriah Joy Meacham

Moriah Joy was adopted by Amy and Tony Meacham in 2014, and she lives with her family in Gainesville, Florida. Realizing a few months into Moriah Joy’s life that she was having some developmental and health issues, the Meachams were faced with an ambiguous diagnosis of an unnamed gene deletion disorder, known as Xq27.3-q28 Deletion. Despite her circumstance, Moriah’s smile and personality bring joy to everyone she meets! She hopes to spread this joy to others affected by rare genetic disorders, and acts as the face of the organization to help raise funds for research into her specific X-chromosome deletion.



Amelia lives with her family in Arizona. She was diagnosed with her chromosome deletion when she was 18 months old and has since been diagnosed with autism, epilepsy and apraxia. She uses an augmentative communication device as she is nonverbal. She enjoys books and art. She is especially sweet and affectionate. She loves music and Barney the dinosaur. She is loved by everyone she meets.



Alexa was born in Kansas but now lives in the Dallas, Texas area. She was diagnosed with her genetic deletion when she was over a year old. Alexa started walking when she was 2 and half years old but still has some physical disabilities because of her low muscle tone. She is also diagnosed with intellectual disability and had three seizures in 2009 and 2010. Alexa is very social and friendly. She has limited verbal communication but keeps progressing with new words and phrases. Some of her favorites are books, playing with baby dolls, going to school and church, and being around her little sister.