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Faces of Xq27.3-q28 DELETION

JOY Challenge Virtual 28 Mile

Event Start Date:
June 25, 2020
Event End Date:
July 31, 2020
Event Venue:
The Challenge

We challenge you to share joy in a three-month-long virtual challenge, ending July 31st. Please run, swim, ride or walk 28 miles this summer and share your journey with video and photo posts using hashtags #joychallenge #virtual28

Our Mission

Why 28 miles? The 28th band on the X chromosome is packed full of important genetic information. Our foundation is focused on JOY and studying the last two bands (Xq27 and Xq28) which are missing in our daughter and only about 20 kids worldwide. We want to bring awareness to rare chromosome disorders and the need for understanding. And we hope to spread JOY.

Express yourself

Feel free to be creative in your joyful journey and expression. We might just have some surprises for you. We don’t want anyone to feel limited. This is not about physical ability. This is a challenge to find joy in activities. It could be biking, swimming, rowing, hoverboarding or pushing a stroller. Hey, maybe you can eat 28 miles of donuts. (We aren’t suggesting that.) Just have fun. Costumes and Props are never a bad idea but not necessary.


REGISTER HERE: https://bit.ly/3exFCkQ
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